Cabin Crew

Do you have an outgoing personality?
Do you possess superior interpersonal skills?
Are you a team player?
If your answer is YES, then, this is your chance to reach for the skies with Global Ocean , one of the world’s fastest growing Aviation Recruitment Agency Global Ocean .

The airline industry is highly competitive and the service we provide is what differentiates us from our competitors. The cabin crew has a stellar opportunity to influence customers' perception of your airline, through their ability to provide personal and high standards of service.

This is a career opportunity to earn an excellent remuneration package, travel the world and be a flying ambassador for Aviation Industry.

To be considered for this opportunity, you need to meet the following:
  Minimum arm reach of 212cms (on tip toes)
  An excellent level of health and fitness
  A willingness to relocate Globally
  An outgoing personality, good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multi-national team environment

Ground Staff
Global Ocean Human Resources Consultancy are experienced in providing a wide range of cost effective HR services tailored to meet the special needs of the aviation sector supported by experience with airlines and flying training organizations.

The staff at Global Ocean has wide experience of recruitment in aviation, helping to select cadet Ground Staff and qualified Engineers from the many that apply. Our recruitment experience spans many sectors and we use the expertise we have gained to inform the way we approach recruitment and selection exercises, helping you make sense of a complex issue.

Using the knowledge we have gained we can either run a complete recruitment project for you, or can help you with parts of your own process.

Our recruitment services will save you time, money and stress when looking for the right candidates. Key aspects of our service are set out below and we can help you select from a range of options:

Technical Staff

When dealing with complex and awkward issues, many find it easier to bring in an experienced facilitator. It is their role to make sure that all those difficult questions are asked and answered and that your meetings are structured and directed. We GLOBAL OCEAN (GO), have helped a number of organizations on the following issues:
  Building a new team after change or a recruitment drive
  Working with senior teams to help them identify priorities for redesign
  Facilitating away-days so that managers get the best out of the time

Leadership and management
We have often been asked to give managers and other senior staff a one-day “taster” of leadership and management issues in the workplace and can design a programme, which enables your issues to be addressed whilst at the same time giving managers and team leaders an insight to this important topic, which helps them reflect on their own performance. We are experienced in selecting from the wide range of applicants who seek to take up flying as a career whether self-sponsored or supported. When schools select their students they need to have a rigorous selection mechanism to determine not just flying skills, but establish qualities like determination, interpersonal skills and the potential for management and supervisory skills. Today’s pilots need to be confident and assertive communicators too – not just on the radio.

Qualified Pilots
Airlines, or other operators, seeking recently qualified, or qualified and experienced pilots may be able to assess flying skills well enough but also need the selection process to identify team and management skills – flying a commercial aircraft these days is much more than just poling around the sky! We GLOBAL OCEAN (GO) can help by setting up integrated selection events designed to elicit a wide range of skills from candidates, using formal and informal assessment techniques, tests and exercises. And we provide guidance on interviewing, assessing and bring the information together in an easy to understand way helping you make final selection decisions with a very low risk of being wrong.

Senior Staff Selection Service
Our aim is to make sure there are no surprises when you finally make that selection decision. Using advanced assessment techniques, we can provide a selection centre tailored to the post(s) you are reviewing, or recruiting to. This includes providing assessment material for your interviewers, role-plays, simulations and other exercises, all designed to bring the best or worst out in the candidates you have selected / shortlisted.

Reorganizations and Internal Selection
When selecting from an internal pool of existing employees for different or fewer jobs in a reorganization our selection service can be invaluable. We have wide experience of helping organizations with this type of exercise.

Feedback to Candidates
We take particular pride in the way we give feedback, because we recognize your organization (and ours) will benefit from candidates feeling valued. Candidates always appreciate the useful advice that can be given.