By virtue of its wide contacts in the business hemisphere and by employing the services of an advertising agency, Global Ocean is capable of recruiting personnel from various sectors, be it basic infrastructure to high-tech infrastructure in all fields such as InfoTech, Engineering, Construction, Medical, Services, and Manufacturing etc.

Focus your employees on core tasks, and outsource your HR functions to Global Ocean . We can provide full turnkey programs that cost you less than building your own HR function.

Dedication and hard work to achieve a common goal in line with the client, is Global Ocean main aim to attain in every project taken, “To give the best of human workforce thorough a thorough selection of qualified and skilled candidates”.

Global Ocean contributed valuable services for the completion of several prestigious projects of clients in the Gulf countries.

We Can Help You:
  Ensure quality new hires
  Manage decisions for HR compliance
  Address growth-related people requirements
  Meet personnel audit requirements
  Create smooth administrative processes for payroll and benefits
  Track compliance and other trainings